"SEEING" & Talking Live gives you a whole new dating experience. We call it "Live Video Dating" - which usually gains more information about a person than physical presence. You can talk as long as you like and as often as you want.



It’s time to find your match the easy way.
Change how you’re currently meeting other singles by using our Live Video Match. It’s EZ to use and lets you See and Talk with prospective dates. You can discuss interests and see how you interact with each other.

How It Works

It’s E-Z to use. Just fill out the information fields and we’ll start sending you matches. You can contact your matches by Live Video. There are no downloads, just a button click and you’re instantly connected by Live Interactive 2 Way Video. And best of all - it’s all Free.

The more selective you are in detailing your requirements, the better the results. Matches are shown for your local area or the area you designate. Live Video Match also shows the matches that match your profile. A percentage of the match compatibality will be displayed.

How To Use

Live Video Match uses all the attributes of age, ethnicity, religion, education, occupation and income status, etc; however the overall characteristics and personality descriptions and interests are ranked by relevance to arrive at compatible matches. Unmatched attributes are also given weight in the Live Video Match Process, if they’re relevant.

We're 100% Free

and the only one with free live video dating.

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We are the NEW Social Media where the Net Becomes LIVE with People Seeing and Talking. It's Live Interactive TV. Our Live Video programs include Live NetVision, so thousands of members can see your Netcasts on their Smart TV, Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops.



Meet your friends online at a Live Video Event. You can See and Talk Live with everyone at the event and you can also have a private conversation with anyone and still see the action.



Although we’re all about having Fun we’re also about meeting people with compatible interests. Our parties are about entertainment, information and a whole lot of special interests.


When viewers See a Live Video Gigs performance, they could be viewing a Gig that is netcasted from a central site location where all the performers are together in person OR the performers may be in separate remote locations in which each performer simultaneously performs (plays) with other remote located performers. The performance is netcasted and directed by the host (band leader/organizer). The live performance is coordinated and sounds like all performers are physically together.

Viewers can See and Talk with individual performers and other viewers, so it's like being there in person.

Everyone can See and Hear the performance on their Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops and Smart TV. Performances can be publicly or privately netcasted.

For Details on Live Video Gigs, Click Here.

Live Video Party is a Live Internet Party program which can be hosted by anyone so viewers can See and Talk Live with other Party Viewers. Viewers can instantly button connect without a download or registering. The party can be open to the public or it can be made private with password entry. The host can zap any viewer for any reason, such as lewd conduct.

Parties can be held for Birthdays, Holiday Events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Live Video Parties can be hosted anytime, for any reason and you can party as long as you like.

You can bring a date to the party and both of you can privately See and Talk Live with everyone.

For Details on Live Video Party, Click Here.

We currently offer 112 main Categories of Interest where Members can choose to See & Talk Live about their Select Interests. We also provide current News on every subject to keep Members informed. You'll See & Talk Live with News Makers and Industry Leaders from Business, Technology, Education, Health, Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Government and more.

Members can also create Sub-Categories to designate specific interests. As an example, a Member may want specialized information within a main category, such as Education; where sub-categories such as Professors/Teachers, Degree Programs, Course Homework, etc., may be of special interest. Sports can list hundreds of Active and Spectator Topics. The Health and Medical field has hundreds of sub-categories. Every Main Category will have many specialized sub-categories.

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